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Screen Printing Process

Screens are made by putting a chemical emulsion on a mesh surface. Vector artwork is taken and printed out on a film type paper or vellum. The screen is then exposed on a light table with the artwork under it. The light solidifies the chemicals around the design, and where the light failed to pass through, the chemical breaks down. The screen is then rinsed out and what is left is the area where the light hit.

The shirt is placed on a platen and each screen swings around over the top of the shirt. The screen is then brought down and placed on top of the shirt. A squeegee is then pulled over that screen''s ink colour which pushes the ink onto the shirt fabric. That screen is then lifted, carefully off of the shirt (If the shirt moves or is stretched, the next colour will be out of registration). The platen with the shirt is then moved under a flash unit where it dries. Upon curing, the shirt platen is brought back and the next colour screen is swung over the top of it.

When screen printing, one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. Likewise a separate screen is required for each colour, and hence, screen charges may be uneconomical if only a small quantity of clothing is required.

PROS - affordable, great for large designs
CONS - not economical for small orders requiring more than one colour design
Screen Printing Charges

When you place an order for screen printed clothing there are 2 or when applicable 3 charges:

Artwork (if applicable)
This charge applies if a vector format file cannot be supplied and covers the cost of a designer digitalising your company logo or design and is a one off payment of 20 (ex VAT)

Screen Setup
The screen setup charge covers the cost of having the design made into a screen. This charge is ''one off'' as the screen is stored for future use. Therefore, if you wanted to place another order in the future with the same design there would be no setup charge. Screen print setup is charged at 25 per screen (ex VAT). One screen is required for each different design, and different screens are required for each colour printed, and each different location of printing. For example, a one colour front and back print requires two screens if the design on the front is different to the design on the back.

Per Position/Per Colour

This charge applies to each item that is customised and is directly based on the number of items to be printed with the same design/colour and applies to each screen. The cost per position/per colour is 2.50 (ex VAT)


Mercury Signs are a highly motivated professional company that offer a first class service and exceptional product. Global Port Services would like to thank all the team at Mercury for ensuring our cranes and support vehicles both stand out and look exceptional. 

Gordon Harper, Operations Manager

Global Port Services

Mercury Signs & Designs Ltd have supplied and fitted our entire fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans to double deck buses. We find them to be extremely efficient and they bend over backwards to accommodate us even when we have given them some extremely tight timescales. The completed vehicles look outstanding and we are always impressed and delighted with the finished product. We have not found their level of skill anywhere else, and we are fussy! If you want signage done PROPERLY, this is where to come. We would highly recommend their services.

Graeme Moodie, Media & Graphics Director, PWAMM